My Day at the Spa

Brian checks how to give Rose a massage

So, this all started when I had my annual check-up at the vet. She said I was in fabulous shape! I thought, “Okay, we can leave now.” I headed for the door. But then she added, “Rose might have just a touch of arthritis.” I had no idea what that meant. When we got home Dee told Brian about what the vet said and he looked concerned.

A few days later we were getting ready to go on our walk and I felt kinda stiff when I got out of my favorite chair. It didn’t really hurt that much, but I sorta limped when we first started our walk. They both looked all worried. I couldn’t figure out how to tell them I’d be fine as soon as we walked for a few minutes.

Later that day Brian set his computer on the coffee table in the living room and started playing this video with soothing music and a dog lying on a table, looking very relaxed. He said we were going to learn “dog massage.” He invited me to lie down on the carpet. On the video a girl started rubbing the dog’s legs, stretching them out, then rubbing the dog’s back and neck. The dog really liked it. He looked so relaxed he was almost asleep.

Brian started to do this massage stuff on me. He said, “This will make you feel better, relieve your pain.”

Well, I felt just fine that day, but I saw he brought treats with him, so what the heck, I’ll cooperate. After a minute or two, I started to feel more relaxed. It was very nice. My eyes closed and I started dreaming that I stole a pie off the kitchen counter. What a lovely dream.

We finished and he gave me the treats. We did the same thing a few days later. It was a day when I felt a little stiff again. The dog massage worked! I felt much better. Brian says this is like when people go to a health spa. I wondered what kind of treats they get at these spa’s.

So I guess “arthritis” means you get fussed over and get extra treats.

Yesterday I saw Dee had brought out the dreaded soap and towels. “It’s time for your bath, Rose. It’ll be fun! Think of it as a massage with soap.”

Nice try, Dee. Ain’t no soap at my spa.

Rose, feeling relaxed

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