The Reviews of Rose and Kate Unleashed Are In

Kate: Brian said our book has gotten eight Reviews so far, five in the U.S. and three in the UK. So anyways, Rose, what’s a Review?

Rose: It’s when people say whether they liked our book ‘Rose and Kate Unleashed’ or not. And there’s a rating system from one to five stars, five being the best.

Kate: I don’t understand. Who wouldn’t like our book…it’s about us.

Rose: Brian warned us when we decided to write our book that not everyone likes a book. We should be prepared for some negative reviews. It’s just the way people are.

Kate: Aw, c’mon, Rose. He was talking about his books, not ours. So how are we doin’ so far?

Rose: Every reviewer is giving the book 5 stars! It’s really great!

Kate: Told ‘ya. What are they saying about it?

Rose: Dee printed the reviews out for us. Let’s spread them around the floor and take a look. Hmmm. Here a good one from our friends in the UK: “You can just imagine Kate being the excitable Springer and Rose being the more graceful Red Setter.” Did you hear that, graceful…

Kate: Dunno about that. She must’ve never seen you run at the dog park. Let’s see another one. “I found ‘Rose and Kate Unleashed’ to be at once endearing, cute, poignant, and hilarious.” Wasn’t that nice of him to say!

Rose: I’m obviously endearing, cute and poignant. That leaves you being hilarious, I guess. At least he tossed ya one bone.

Kate: I like this one: “Kate may not be as tall as Rose, but let Rose know from the first sniff that she would be the one in charge.” Remember that, the first day I came home and growled at you?

Rose: I remember it differently. A little pee-wee Spaniel trembling when she met a tall and mighty Irish Setter in her prime.

Kate: Well, Rose, this is just your first book and it appears you have the ego of a bestselling author already.”

Rose: Look at these other comments: “A must read.” And “A Fab read!!!” Another one says, “…genuinely amusing, entertaining, and even instructional.” I really like that last bit because humans need lots of instruction. Even in the basics like the importance of serving breakfast no later than right after sunrise.

Kate: I like, “Two witty and observant dogs…” and “A cute and humorous read.” Here’s another good one: “…the many photographs of the furry authors will capture your heart…” I have to agree. Some of those pictures of me are gorgeous.

Rose:  Look at this one…”By the time I came to the end of the book Kate and Rose had come alive for me and they seemed almost human (something they might not take as a compliment).”

Kate: Oh no, humans have to pay bills, work and worry about politics. We just play, eat and sleep and now, write. I prefer being a dog. Especially a dog author.

Rose: Me, too. No doubt about that.

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