Up to the top and back to the bottom

Rose and Kate hiking

We went for a hike with our two legged companions. Hiking is fun. You go as fast as your paws can carry you to where you aren’t. When you get there you hafta to go back.  Or you could go around in a circle but that’s not how Lost Dog Trail works. You go up to the top and then back down.  I always win. I’ve got fastpaw syndrome.

The desert was kinda cool for May but our two-legged companions brought lots of water. I don’t like to drink out of the water bottle so Brian brings a cup just for me. He calls me Princess Kate when he does that.

We hafta stay on our leashes when we hike. No running off into the bushes. That’s the rule. There’s owies in those bushes, like stickery bushes and cactus and slithery snakey things that bite.

I hope they found the Lost Dog. I was  almost lost once. Well, see I really wasn’t lost, I knew exactly where I was. the house got lost.

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Kate, the cute one.

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