Rose and Kate Discover “Treasure”

Treasure in the Moonlight

Kate: Yanno Rose, Brian and Dee’s new book “Treasure in the Moonlight” was just published.

Rose: Sure do. They were so excited when their copies came in the mail! We know how hard it is to write a book and get it published. Typing with paws ain’t easy.

Kate: I wonder how the reviews are of their book. Should we tell them our book “Rose and Kate Unleashed” has gotten all 5-star ratings from readers?

Rose: No need to brag, Kate. Today belongs to Brian and Dee. Their book is 325 pages. That’s a lot of work! I wonder if their fingers ever get sore from typing.

Kate: Let’s bark really loud so Brian comes out of his office, and we can congratulate him.


Brian: Hey, what’s all the excitement, girls? I’m trying to get some writing done…

Kate: Way to go, our two-legged companion! Your book looks great, at least the cover. Yanno, I haven’t had time to read it because you told us to get out there and sell our book, “Rose and Kate Unleashed.”

Brian: Your premium dog food isn’t free. We all have to work. Yanno.

Rose: Tell us what your book’s about.

Brian: The main character is a young woman named Jill. Her pirate ancestor Maria left a treasure trove behind in the Bahamas and Jill sets out to find it. She faces all sorts of dangers and difficulties.

Kate: Yanno what this means, Rose. They’re going to dress us up as pirates to help sell the book.
Rose: Great! I’ll go as RedBeard, the fearsome yet elegant, graceful and extremely brave pirate Captain. I love costumes…

Kate: That’s why Dee’s been trying to dress me up in that bannadanna thingie with the skull on it. Oh, and Rose, who said you get to be captain?

Rose: I believe it’s done by seniority.

Brian: You girls want to hear more about the book?

Kate: Only if there’s dogs in it…

Brian: Well, you’re in luck. The story has adventure, danger at sea, mystery, lust, deception, betrayal, pirate treasure, swashbuckling action, warm romance, a talking parrot that gives stock market advice! and of course heroic dogs…

Rose: Is it a beautiful red dog or just a common tri-color like poor little Kate?

Brian: That’s not important.

Rose: It is to me. Well, as long as the dog helps save Jill’s life at some point…Like how I saved yours that time, Brian. Remember?

Brian: You have reminded me once or twice over the last eight years, Rose.

Kate: We saw you making a little movie about the book. Can we watch it?

Brian: Absolutely. It’s on an Internet channel called YouTube. Here’s the address:

(Two minutes later)

Brian: So what do you think, girls?

Kate: Way, way, way cool! I’d clap but my paw pads don’t make much noise. Can’t wait to see if Jill survives…

Rose: But where’s the heroic red dog?

Brian: Sorry, Rose. We only had two minutes to tell the whole story. Had to cut something. It’s the way the movies work. But I promise you, the dog plays a key role in the book. You’ll just have to read it and find out.

Kate: I know I’ve only been a published author for a month, but I think that’s called a book tease, isn’t it Brian?

Brian: You two learn quickly. Too quickly, sometimes.

Rose: Anyways Brian, what exactly is a treasure trove?

Brian: Imagine an entire room filled with dog treats.

Rose: Got it.

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