Why do we need dog shelters?

Rose and Kate donate their shampoo

I don’t understand. And it makes me mad and sad. Why do we need dog shelters? I mean when I went home with Dee, my two-legged companion, I was only 7 weeks old, but I knew this was my new forever pack.

Even when Dee scolds me, or gives me a bath, or makes me come or stay or wait. She’s still my pack. When she gets old or can’t walk as fast or maybe forgets stuff, I’m not going to put her in a human shelter. So why do people do that to dogs? I don’t get it.

Anyways, today I’m giving up some of my toys so Dee can take them down to a dog shelter. Well, she’s not actually going down because she said she’ll just cry since she can’t bring all the lonely dogs back with her. She’s giving he toys and a bunch of dog food and treats and blankies. to a group who will take them to the Shelter.

Yanno maybe you should do the same thing. Go thru your dog’s stuff and give some of the toys to a shelter or buy new stuff. It’ll make you feel good.

Rose, the Irish setter

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