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Pirates of Fountain Hills

Yanno it’s enough work getting the word out about our own book “Rose and Kate Unleashed: Observations, Humor and Advice from Two Very Opinionated Dogs,” but now we hafta help our two-legged companions publicize their new book. “Treasure in the … Continue reading

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Take Your Dog to Work Day

If you’re considering taking your dog to work on June 26, National Take Your Dog to Work Day, Me and Kate have a few tips for you. Preparation is key. Advice from Rose — Do a little preparation the day … Continue reading

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And I Helped

Brian and Dee were digging in the backyard to put in the rain birdy thingies. Yanno so the grass gets wet and I can have fun playing in all the water. Anyways. They were digging so I decided to help. … Continue reading

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Lovely Leftovers

I like leftovers, even before they’re leftovers. Does that mean they’re called rightunders if you eat them before they become leftovers. I dunno. I guess dogs shouldn’t worry about stuff like that. The leftovers I like best are the ones … Continue reading

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Baby Birds Are Best for Breakfast

Or anytime at all for that matter. I caught one and oh boy it fluttered and fluttered and tried to get away but I’m fast. English Springer Spaniels, that’s me, are faster than a baby bird. See I practice chasing … Continue reading

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