Take Your Dog to Work Day

Rose and Kate Take Yoru Dog to Work

If you’re considering taking your dog to work on June 26, National Take Your Dog to Work Day, Me and Kate have a few tips for you.

Preparation is key. Advice from Rose — Do a little preparation the day before. Clean up your office, Hide electrical cords or wrap them. Get stuff off the floor. Remove food from your desk top. One of my favorite sports is counter surfing and desk tops are even more fun ’cause they’re lower. Find out who else is bringing their puppy buddy to work and if their dog is friendly. Take your canine companion for a walk around the building to check out potential potty spots. Take along paper towels, plastic bags and disinfectant spray just in case.

Do your best to impress. From Kate — I hate to say it ’cause I don’t like baths, but a grooming before the big day is important. Smelly dogs are okay for other dogs but not for two-legged companions. .

Stay Snug. Figure out how you’re going to keep your four-legged companion contained in your office or cubicle. A crate is great unless you’re Kate. She hates crates and just howls. Use a baby gate across the door if your dog doesn’t take to a crate.

“Treats, treats, don’t forget the treats,” From Kate. Treats can be used as a reward for good behavior of course, but also as a distraction. Say if you’re on the phone and your dog starts nosing around the office. And while you’re at it remember their water bowl, blankie and maybe even a chew toy.

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