A present from the UK

We got a present in the mail all the way from the United Kingdom. I dunno why they call it that. They have a queen not a king so shouldn’t it be called the United Queendom? They have a really cute prince and princess so they could call it the United Princedom or United Princessdom, but no King. Anyways. Sometimes we — Kate and me — write a column for Off the Leash https://www.facebook.com/OffTheLeashDailyDogCartoons and Rupert Fawcett publishes it. Kate’s an English springer spaniel and I’m an Irish setter so we kinda belong to the United Kingdom. Rupbert is an author just like us only he’s an artist too cause he draws the dogs instead of just writing about us. We don’t draw, the pencil keeps slipping out of our paws. We can write on the tapity thingie. THANK YOU Rupert. You can like our Facebook Page if you want https://www.facebook.com/roseandkate2

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