Lovely Leftovers

I like leftovers, even before they’re leftovers. Does that mean they’re called rightunders if you eat them before they become leftovers. I dunno. I guess dogs shouldn’t worry about stuff like that.

The leftovers I like best are the ones that are left on the counter and I get over them. I’m an Irish Setter and I’m pretty tall. Dee, my two legged companion forgets that I can reach the corners of the back counters. She tries to hide stuff behind a bowl. But it doesn’t work. I just hook my claws into the bowl and pull it to me.

I learned how to open the drawers in the kitchen. I like the drawer with the bread in it the best. It takes a while to choose which kind of bread I’d like for a snack. I think my favorite are bagels.

I share with Kate. Sort of. She gets the leftovers.

Rose, the Irish setter

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