More tips on Training Humans

Use Your Outside Voice
We were driving to the dog park when Rose spotted a drive-in fast food place. She has this shrill bark that says “pay attention.” She was hungry. She’s always hungry. Me too. So she barked that shrill bark. Our two-legged companion saw the fast food place and decided to stop. So now every time we go to the dog park, Rose barks her “pay attention” bark and we get French fries. It didn’t take long to train them.

Use the warning bark to snag food. This takes a team effort. When our two-legged companions are eating, Rose goes to the window and barks her “a huge monster is outside in our yard” bark. The peoples jump up to see what’s wrong and I snag the food, then share it with Rose. Well, I don’t actually share it, but Rose is bigger than me so it seems better to let her have some.

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