Football is Finally Here! The Packer Pups Talk About Preseason

I am so excited! I’ve been waiting and waiting to see football again. My bestest friend Rose the Irish Setter keeps tellin’ me: “Who cares, it’s only preseason.” But she’s wrong. It’s our Packers. On TV. Playing a game! Golly it seems so long since the last game, something like 4 years in dog years, I think. Did I mention I’m excited!

Anyways, we’re playin’ the New England Patriots. I keep hearin’ on Sports Center about this thing called deflategate. Somehow the footballs got deflated in one game and now some people are really upset. I don’t get what all the fuss is about. One time Brian and Dee brought me and Rose a big beach ball to play with in the yard. “You’ll have fun all summer with this,” Dee said. Well, yanno, it took big ol’ Rose about 5 minutes to chomp down on it and let all the air out. We thought that was the object of the game. The sooner we wreck the toy, the sooner they buy us another one. Maybe Tom Brady was just hopin’ they’d bring him new balls.

So, these Patriots are the World Champions, I heard. We all know the Packers shoulda been in the Super Bowl. I still dunno what happened in that playoff game in Seattle. All I remember is everyone at our house was screaming with excitement and joy, then all of a sudden, it went silent and we turned the TV off and everyone got sad. Just like that, there was no more football on TV in our house. Just golf. Every weekend. Golf and more golf. I have so had enough of golf. Nuthin’ happens in golf.

But Thursday night, Packer football is back! On Friday, Rose and me will post a blog about what we thought of the game. So, in the meantime I gotta go and practice my touchdown dance, which Brian says amounts to my running around the house like a maniac and howling. He just doesn’t know good dancing and singing when he sees and hears it. I hope we score lots of touchdowns on Thursday. After the long off-season, I really feel like dancing!

Kate, the optimistic one

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