Meeting a Monster

Kate and the gila monsterMe and my bestest friend, Rose, were out on our walk with our two legged companions and we saw a MONSTER! Yup a Gila monster. They’re big lizards, like really big, and they have a funny skin that kinda looks like pebbles. They don’t run very fast at all, not like the little lizards in the back yard we chase those lizards, me and Rose, not Brian and Dee. Anyways.

This MONSTER walked up the rock and got to the top and looked at us. He, well I don’t know if it was a he, it coulda been a she, I don’t know how you tell the difference in lizards. He looked at us and Rose decided that she would eat him.

It’s a good thing Brian is strong and didn’t let go of Rose’s leash because Gila Monsters bite back and they have stuff in their bite that makes you sick like poison. Brian held on to Rose and then the lizard left.

WOW that was exciting.

Kate, the cute one

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