National Dog Day???

So it’s national dog day. That means that dogs rule, but we rule everyday anyways. So, why do we need a dog day? Here’s what I mean. I get Brian up when the sun comes up or a little before. He gets my breakfast right away before he gets tea or potty break or anything.

Then me and Kate go outside for a little bit. We go for our walk, a loooong walk. Another snooze while Brian and Dee go work out at the gym. We’ve never been to the gym, but that’s okay we go lots of other places. They come back all sweaty and out of breath.

Then we take an after workout nap. Kate goes into Dee’s office and I go into Brian’s office. Gotta keep those two-legged companions working.

About an hour and 45 minutes before it’s dinner time, it’s playtime. I get out the sock rope — it’s my favorite toy — and Kate plays with the light-up ball. She loves that thing. then we get our kale and carrot snack. Sometimes it’s celery instead of a carrot. It’s kinda like an appetizer.

Then it’s dinner time. Yea! We get chicken and rice and peas, or ground beef and potatoes and string beans. Then an after dinner snooze while Dee and Brian have a glass of wine.

See every day is national dog day around here.

Rose, the Irish setter.

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