Packer Pups Discuss — Stupid Steelers

This is Kate, the English springer spaniel. You’re probably wondering why the Steelers are stupid. I’ll tell ya why. They signed that puppy killer Michael Vick to play on their team. Yup a puppy killer. Why would any team want someone that likes to hurt dogs? I dunno. I don’t care how good a player he is — and personally I don’t think he is that good a player — it’s bad karma. Karma — yanno when you do something and it comes back and bites you in the butt. I don’t mean bad like stealing my Irish Setter sister Rose’s Rose bone or getting my two-legged companions up before the sun rises just ‘cuz it’s fun to wake them up — I mean really bad. Michael Vick’s butt is gonna be really sore, I’m telling ya.

I want Michael Vick to go away so I never hafta hear his name or see his face again. I’m a good girl and I’ve never bitten any two-legged companion in my life, but he makes me all buzzy angry inside. He makes me want to bark and growl. My get-outa-my-yard growl.

Even the Pittsburgh fans don’t want Michael Vick. See there’s this petition to get him off the team and over 50,000 peoples have signed it. It’s got my paws of approval.

Some two legged pundits say the Packers may play the Steelers in the Super Bowl. Fine with me. Okay, then, so the Packers are going to pound the Steelers. Vick better hope Big Ben doesn’t get injured and he has to come in the game because Clay Mathews is gonna mash Vick. Julius Peppers is going pulverize him. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is going to jump all over Vick.

I predict the final Super Bowl score will be Green Bay 320 — Steelers minus 17.

I’m practicing an extra loud Goooooo Pack Goooooo howl.

I gotta say one more thing. There’s a place called the Rainbow Bridge that dogs cross over after their time here on earth is finished. It’s a wonderful place where there is no more sickness or hurting. We’re all young pups again. And when our human friends pass over the Bridge, we are there to greet them and be with them, romping and playing forever. Dee talks all the time about seeing her cocker spaniel Patches, who passed over the Bridge before I came along.

It made me think of all the dogs Vick and his thug friends killed. These puppies have no one to greet on the edge of the bridge…they are all alone. Yanno what I think that real true dog lovers who cross over the Bridge will invite these lost dogs into their pack. Rose and I hope so. No dog should be alone.

In summary, stupid, stupid Steelers! And here’s a shout out to all the Packer pups who have crossed the Bridge. Rose and I will see you someday. Just not very soon, I hope. I wanna still be here when the Pack wins their 20th league championship.

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