Packer Pups Game Review — Packers vs. Patriots

Hi, Rose the Irish Setter here. Not a bad first preseason game, I thought. I have to confess that I don’t think much of the preseason. I don’t understand why my two-legged companions are willing to pay so much money to go to preseason games. One time Brian told me what they spent to see the Packers play in San Diego in August and I was like, yanno that could buy a year of premium dog food and a trunk full of toys. Where are your priorities?

Anyways, to me you have to look past the score in preseason and get to the real interesting part, the fast, hungry young pups on the team trying to take the place of the top dogs. Every year a few players you didn’t think could do much end up surprising you. Sometimes it’s even a few undrafted free agents who come in off the street and get a chance to play, which in the dog world we call strays.

In this game, I liked how the Packers moved the ball up and down the field in the first quarter. Kate the Springer Spaniel, as you can see from the picture, started to fall asleep when we didn’t score any touchdowns on the first few drives. She really, really was anxious to do her touchdown dance–which involves lots of running around and barking–and she doesn’t have a field goal dance. Which I’m happy about. Her touchdown dance is annoying enough to watch.

I liked the way the Packers defense really came to play that night. The Patriots couldn’t get much going except one long touchdown run. I have to admit that run was beautiful to watch. It reminded me of me in my younger days, at the dog park. The Packers ‘chase and knock the ball away guys’, which Dee says are called the secondary, really looked sharp.

What we all hope is that the team gets through the preseason without any key players getting owie paws. (EDITOR’S note: in Rose and Kate’s language, ‘owie paws’ means leg or arm injuries) And it looked like the Packers were okay as far as avoiding owie paws. The Coach was wise to keep Clay Matthews out of the game so his owie paw can heal some more. It seems to me he gets owie paws quite a bit these days though, just sayin’.

So the Pack took care of business against the Patriots. Brian and Dee used to have a major client who lived back east and was a huge Patriot fan. Every week he’d call and brag about how great the Patriots were. Brian would have to bite his tongue to keep from telling the guy what he really thought about the Patriots. That’s how it goes in football. Players get owie paws, fans get owie tongues.

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