The Packer Pups Discuss: Jordy’s Injury

Rose the Irish Setter here. Yesterday my excitable friend Kate the Springer Spaniel got very upset when she heard Jordy Nelson might be out for the season. She ran around the house barking, “We are hosed, Rose! No Super Bowl, may even no playoffs! I tell you Rose, we are hosed!” I have the benefit of having seen 13 seasons of Packers football–which in my life span is more than 70 years–that included many ups and downs, many injured players and for human and canine Packers fans alike, a mix of incredible thrills and major disappointments.

So let me try to reassure everyone, the season is not lost. I am not a dog who would ever discount what Jordy means to the team. He’s so exciting to watch and runs almost as fast as I do. He is so sure-pawed as well. I once caught 20 tennis balls in a row thrown to me by Dee but of course I didn’t have a pack of Dobermans chasing me and trying to knock the ball away or clobber me when I caught it. So I really admire what Jordy can do. But owie paws are part of playing football. Everyone gets an owie paw or two or more during their career. (Note from Editor: Rose and Kate call all injuries “owie paws”)

My two-legged companion Brian reminded me of the marvelous job Ted Thompson has done drafting wide receivers, almost every year. I don’t know what “marvelous” means but I assumed he meant “good.” The Packers have young guys who can step up like Jeff Janis, Ty Montgomery and the guy with the really long name that begins with A. I started calling him ABBA for short but Brian said that was an annoying singing group from before I was born. So I’ll just call him AB.

Anyways, let’s all cheer up, because I’m sure we’ll all have lots to cheer about this season. So no hangdog looks out there in Packer Nation, OK?

By the way, there was a rumor that I am actually a closet Bengals fan because I sometimes pick Andy Dalton for my Fantasy Team. There’s no truth to this. I just wish there were more redheads in the league, that’s all. And also by the way, whatever happened to the “red dog” linebacker the teams used to have to go after the quarterback? We red dogs are known for holding on tight when we catch our prey. I hate it when the Packers almost sack the quarterback and then he slips away. Maybe they should bring the red dog strategy back. Without Jordy out there catching touchdowns, our defense might have to step up their game more than just a bit.

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