Training Camp

So me and Rose and Brian and Dee went to training camp. I like adventures and we had an adventure at training camp with Tracy Rothstein at Pal’s Pet Inn and Resort.

Tracy was chief trainer. He is very nice but made us pay attention. Not in a growly mean way but in a way that made us want to pay attention cause we might miss something. Brian and Dee had to pay attention too cause we were all getting trained, not just Rose and me.

There were two other trainers that were in training Stephanie and Alyssa. They helped. I like them cause they brought their four-legged companions with them. One four-legged companion was big and one was little, but they were both the same color.

Okay, at first when we were outside, I got distracted by a balloon and then a loose dog and then birds. But I always get distracted by birds. But Tracy made this funny noise that made me want to look at him. So I did and then I went over to him and he said I was a good girl! I did a good come!

And then he did a funny backwards dance saying come, come, come and I did exactly that. I’m a superstar at training camp — well for a little while anyway.

When we went inside I got kind of a tingly buzzy feeling. It was this big room and it had crates in it. I don’t like crates. I howl and howl if I hafta go in a crate. There were three other four-legged companions in the crates. They were nice and quiet. Not me. I had to howl a bit. When I howl the tingly buzzy feeling gets better.

Then it was treat time, only Tracy called it “leave it.” That was easy. Took me like two minutes to figure out what I had to do. Tracy held a treat in one hand. and said “leave it” Of course I didn’t cause I didn’t know what “leave it” meant. But when i stopped sniffing at the treat in his hand, he gave me a treat with the other hand. So I figured out what “leave it” means.

Leave it means stop paying attention to the treat in the first hand so you get a better treat.

Tracy told us some fun games to play so we could get more trained. Like Brian has to go hide in another room in the house and then call me by name. When I find him, he says come. I get a treat and he gets a sloppy kiss as a reward.

Training is hard work so we all took a nap when we got home.

I like training with Tracy.

Kate, the superstar spaniel

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