Packer Pups Predictions: Packers vs. Chiefs

Hi, Rose the Irish Setter here to tell you what I think will happen in the game on Monday night. I’ll let my little friend Kate the Springer Spaniel chime in too. And maybe even Brian. Seems only fair, since this is his Facebook account.

First off, Wow! That was a great game against Seattle! I actually predicted we would lose because the Seahawks have had such great luck against us (and I mean, luck) and the fact they had lost their first game. I didn’t see them losing two games in a row. It just shows you that even a dog with nearly 13 years’ experience watching the Packers can still be wrong sometimes. Not often, though.

I’m not that familiar with the Chiefs. I thought they were the Chefs, named after the great barbecue they have there. And I love meat! So anyways I asked Brian to look up some stats on Kansas City that I could use in my prediction. Why didn’t I look them up myself? Why go to all that trouble when you have a two-legged assistant on staff.

Okay, so based on Brian’s research, the Chiefs have a good run defense this year, but not so good against the pass. On offense, they have turned the ball over more than the Packers. And they have been very poor on third down, converting only 15% of their chances compared to the Packers’ nearly 50%. But here’s what Brian calls a conundrum and I call weird stuff: so far this year the Packers’ defense has allowed opponents to convert more than half of their third downs. And one of those opponents was the Bears. Sheesh. The Bears?–come on.

When I feed all this into my mighty redheaded brain, I see a lot of Rodgers to Rodgers success on Monday night, and James Jones continuing to cause Giants fans to cuss at the TV because he will score two more touchdowns. I think in New York they say “fuggedaboudit” when they get frustrated. In Kansas City, they just get another plate of brisket and they’re fine.

Kansas City may be able to run the ball on us, and their coach is really good, so they should have a sound game plan and keep the game fairly close.

My prediction is: Green Bay 38, Kansas City 28.

Now let’s ask Kate what she thinks. Remember, she tends to be a little too optimistic.

It’s me! Kate! It’s a Monday night parrr-tee at Lambeau and this rowdy friend predicts the Packers will win 45-3. Now, Rose, let’s ask Brian for his prediction…

Sorry, Kate, but we’re all out of space in this week’s blog. Maybe we can fit him in next time. He won’t mind.

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