Packer Pups — Tom Brady Leader of the Pack

This is Rose, the Irish setter. At first I didn’t get it. When Brian gives me a football the object of the game is to get the squeaky thingie out as fast as possible and that means ripping out all the stuffing so the football is flat. So it didn’t seem like a big deal when Tom Brady had sorta flatten balls. But now I understand. Both teams hafta play with regulation balls.

When you’re a pack or a team like the New England Patriots, the leader of the pack is the quarterback, not the owner, not the coach but the quarterback. The leader decides how the rest of the pack behaves. They follow him. Like when we go to the dog park, my two-legged companions and my bestest friend, Kate, follow me ’cause I’m the leader of the pack. I don’t get how Tom Brady didn’t know the footballs for the Patriots weren’t what they were supposed to be.

Why didn’t he tell somebody? Did he think it was okay because the training staff was responsible for the balls? And what about the receivers? Did they think that if Tom Brady threw the ball it was okay, even though the ball felt different when they caught it? And didn’t the running backs notice the ball was squishier when it was handed off to them? Even the kickers woulda been able to tell the difference, but nobody said anything. Nobody.

I know the court today said that the suspension was vacated. It wasn’t postponed or that they were gonna look at all the evidence again or start over with a new hearing. I don’t understand the decision, but you can read about it here.

Football is my favorite game because it’s a real team sport. Ya gotta have everybody doing their job. The runners have to run fast, fast, fast. The receivers have to catch the ball. The defense has to stop the player with the ball. And the quarterback has to be leader of the pack.

I wonder what Vince Lombardi would have thought about all this? Never mind. I know. He said “You don’t do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.” How do you feel about Tom Brady’s suspension being vacated?

Rose, the sad Irish setter

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