Cats go potty where?!

Okay I found out what a cat is. The good news is that they are carnivores like us canines. The bad news is they all look pretty much the same. They are about the same size — kinda little and have the same face with a pointy chin and pointy ears. See us dogs come in all sizes and shapes. There are little bitty dogs that those girls carry in their purses and great big dogs like Great Danes. Some dogs have short ears some like me have beautiful long ears. Some dogs — like me have three colors and some like Rose only have one color. Cats come in different colors too but are all about the size of a poodle, one of those little poodles.

Cats go potty funny too — in a box, filled with sand or gravel. And ya know what, they’re not called potty boxes or poop boxes they’re called litter boxes. I don’t get why they’re called litter boxes. I mean litter means a bunch of newborn puppies and I don’t see any of them in a litter box or litter means like paper that gets thrown away. No paper in a litter box either. Why can’t cats be civilized like us dogs and go potty outside away from our pack. Not cats. Nope they go potty inside the house in the cat litter box”>.

Another thing cats do funny is what they eat. They don’t like cookies or candy like me and Rose. Cats wont even crunch on a carrot or apple slice. I don’t get that. Cats just want to eat meat or kibble yanno like the kibble we get in the mornings.

Anyways, I found out that cats make good four-legged companions too — except for that litter box thing.

Kate, the cute one.

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