It’s my Forever Pack Day

Puppy Kate

Today is my Forever Pack Day. Brian and Dee brought me home 11 years ago today. I’m one lucky tri-color girl to have Rose as my bestest bestest friend. It didn’t start out that way. When I first saw her I was sorta scared. Okay I was really scared she was soooo big and I was soooo little, so I growled at her.

She didn’t seem to mind. Just kinda looked at me, looked at Dee, looked at Brian and gave this big sigh.

After I took a nap, we went out in the backyard. She followed me around. Then she brought over this rope thingie and nudged it at me. I got the picture. I was supposed to play with her so I did.

Rose and kate

Sometimes Rose is really annoying, like when she steals food from the kitchen counter and won’t share, but most of the time we’re best buddies.

So Happy Forever Pack Day to me.

Kate, the cute one.

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