Nap Time Be Good Time

Rose on her chair

Sometimes I don’t understand Kate. She likes to sleep under the sofa where she can barely fit. She told me she likes it because it feels safe. Okay… but then why doesn’t she like her dog crate? She howls and howls in her crate.

I like the crate. It’s like my own private place I can go and take a snooze. There’s a pillow on the bottom and a nice snuggy blanket in case I want it. I don’t sleep in the crate at night, I sleep up on the bed or in my chair. That chair has been mine since I was a puppy. It’s a comfy chair.

Yanno, when I think about it I have a place to nap in every room except the kitchen. I have the sofa in the living room, the big chair in Brian’s office, the blanket in the corner of Dee’s office and a fluffy bed outside on the patio. There are two more chairs in the living room but I like the sofa the best.

I take an after breakfast nap on the sofa, an afternoon nap right before playtime and of course the apres dinner nap on my dog bed Sometimes when I’m on the sofa I’m not really sleeping I’m just resting my eyes. See that’s what Brian says when he falls asleep watching TV. He’s not really sleeping just resting his eyes.

Rose, the Irish setter

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