National Cat Day???

Kate on National Cat Day

So today is National Cat Day. I really don’t know why they need their own day. I’ve never heard of a service cat or a working cat. Sherman, the blonde receiver in the photo is a service dog for the hearing impaired. His job is to help his two-legged companion.

Cats won’t go for a walk with their two-legged companion. They don’t bring back the ball when you throw it. You never hear of a dog lady but you do hear about crazy cat ladies.

Some cats are really fussy about what they eat. Not me. I love to eat. If it’s in my bowl or on the floor it ends up in my tummy.

Sherman the Service Dog

So what are cats good for? Lemme think. They make this funny noise when they’re petted. I think it’s called purring. Peoples like it when their cat purrs. And cats rub up against their two-legged companions and go in and out and around their legs. Cats like to sleep on their two-legged companions. I dunno if the cat does it because it’s comfy for them or to keep their two-legged companion warm.

Maybe some two-legged companions don’t have the energy for a dog but they want a four-legged friend so they get a cat. That would be okay. Every two-legged companion needs a four-legged friend.

But I still don’t get why there’s a National Cat Day.

Kate, the cute one

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