Packers Pup Predictions: Unplug the Chargers

Hi, It’s Rose the Irish Setter with our predictions for this week’s game against the San Diego Chargers. First of all, congratulations to Brian for predicting the score of the Rams game EXACTLY. That’s quite a feat for a non-canine, I think. In honor of his accomplishment, we’ll let him contribute his prediction for this week’s game to our blog.

First let’s check in with Kate. I’ll have to warn you that she is still very angry the Chargers couldn’t even beat the Steelers with Mike Vick at the helm in their own home stadium. You’ll recall the unspeakable things Vick did to those beautiful dogs he owned. Kate is a well-known Animal Rights Activist. (Actually she’s mostly a dog rights activist. Not so much a duck or pheasant rights activist–and let’s not even talk about quail).

So what do you think, Kate?

Kate: Are you kidding me? The Chargers lost to Mike Vick? What kind of lousy team does that? That game stunk. I’m tellin’ ya the Packers are going to blow the Chargers out of Lambeau this Sunday, by 45-3. And that’s my conservative prediction. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to destroy some chew toys and get over my anger. One more thing Gooooo Pack Gooooo.

Rose, here. I admire Kate’s passion but getting angry doesn’t help. I think Vick will find out that karma is a bitch that’s gonna bite him in the butt. Probably when the Arizona Cardinals’ defense pounds him into the turf this Sunday. Go Big Red Birds!

Getting back to our game against the Chargers, Phillip Rivers is a never-say-die competitor, like me when I get to the shelf with the dog treats at PetSmart. Rivers is near the top of the NFL in completion percentage and leads in passing yards. “course he’s not in the same pack as Aaron Rodgers.

I’ll tell you a secret that Brian probably won’t reveal: at our house the Chargers are our second favorite team. Me and Kate have always wanted to move to San Diego so we could play at the beach. But the houses there cost so much that Brian says we couldn’t afford both house and food. And I really, really love to eat. So this dog recommends we stay in the desert.

Anyways, this week I see a shootout type game, 42-31 Packers. It should be very exciting. And now it’s Brian’s turn. I think he just got lucky with last week’s prediction but as they say, every dog has his day.

Brian: Rivers has been sacked 14 times already, so there is an opportunity for the Packers’ improved defense to get to him. The Chargers give up 27 points a game, and like the Packers are relatively weak against the run. I don’t see any kind of letdown by the Pack this week. They get their mini-holiday, the bye week, coming up. Rivers may gain lots of yards through the air, but the Chargers average only 3.7 yards per rush attempt. I’d expect Aaron to snap back from his less than stellar performance last week. (Maybe even throw a pass to Abbrederis?) But the key as always is giving him time to throw. The Packers are obviously having a wonderful season, but I think the offensive line could still improve. Let’s go with Packers 34, Chargers 17. Just enough of a test for the Packers’ coaches to give the players a few things to work on when they return from the bye.

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