Packers Pups Predictions: “Bucking the Broncos”

Hi, Rose the Irish Setter here, with my buddy Kate the Springer Spaniel, relaxed and refreshed after the bye week, to give you our predictions for the Sunday night contest between the undefeated Green Bay Packers and the undefeated Denver Broncos.

What did we do during the bye week? We went hiking with our two-legged companions, we took naps in the lovely autumn sun, stole as much food off the kitchen counter we could, and tried not to fret over the fact we have two away games coming up against teams that haven’t lost a game.

Ok, so I fretted a bit. Kate never seems to worry about anything. I’ve never figured out if she’s just naturally optimistic or naturally clueless. So here’s what I’m worried about: the Packers offense has been limping along the last few weeks and now we’re going up against the team that, according to my assistant Brian who supplies us with stats, is #1 in total defense, #1 in fewest yards allowed and #1 in fewest passing yards allowed. We will need Aaron and his guys on offense to turn in a great performance…not just a really, really good performance.

Kate: Sorry to interrupt you Rose, but yards don’t mean points. Just ask the San Diego Chargers. There’s only one point difference between what our defense has allowed and what the Broncos have. One point, that’s it.

And Peyton Manning is having a bad year. His passer rating (not sure what that means but everybodys says it’s important) is only 72.5 compared to Aaron’s 115.9. C’mon–Aaron is so much better. Manning has also thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. The Broncos are almost last in the whole league in yards produced per game–and let’s face it there a lot of really stinky teams in this league.

I get email from my fans saying Kate, why do you always predict the Packers are going to win 45-3? I’ll tell ya. I believe they can win every game 45-3. They’re just that good. But just for a change of pace this week I’m predicting Green Bay 35, Denver 10.

And one other thing, I don’t understand that song they play that goes, “I’ve been waitin’ all day for Sunday night.” Rose and I are used to waiting all day, because we don’t get our dinner until evening. So why does that girl singer only have to wait all day once a week? The other days do they give her a snack in the afternoon? I can sing, and howl just as good as her. Why don’t they give me a snack? It’s just not fair.

Rose: I know, you’re always hungry. Let’s hope the Packers are just as hungry tomorrow night. It’s probably old man Manning’s last chance to beat the current best quarterback in the league. The Broncos also had a week to rest. Denver is very difficult place to play in years when they have a good team like they do now. Our offensive line can get all messed up by a tough defense, which means Aaron will have to get the ball out of his hands quickly. I see the score being very close Packers 27, Denver 24. Whoever has the ball last will win.

Kate: Maybe I could run on the field and take the ball at the end, before Manning can throw it. Yes, that’s a good plan.

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