Packers Pups Predictions: Silence of the Rams Edition

Hi, Rose the Irish Setter and my friend Kate the Springer Spaniel here with this week’s predictions. First off, a big howl of congratulations to the Packers’ players and coaches on their terrific 4-0 start! This season is so much fun already and we are only one-fourth of the way through. The team is starting to string together outstanding defensive performances–I’m very impressed and excited to see how far this year’s team can go. And remember, Kate is normally the excitable one, not me.

And now on to the next victim, the Rams. I asked Brian to give us some background info on this week’s game. He says the Rams have an anemic passing attack. Kate and me don’t know what anemic means, but it doesn’t sound good. They only gain 193 yds. per game, 28th in the league. Heck, I catch more balls than that when we go to the dog park. They are only slightly better with the run game, 23rd in the league.

The Packers, maybe surprisingly, are ranked 3rd in the NFL for rushing yards per game. And we know what their passing attack is like. Almost unstoppable. Think of a field of mastiffs, but really fast mastiffs, running like greyhounds and breaking tackles as they go.

Defensively, the Packers and Rams have both been great at sacking the opposing quarterback, ranking 2nd in the NFL, behind only the Broncos. We hear on TV that the Rams play excellent defense. But Kate and I think the Packers have one of the most improved defenses in the league, maybe the universe. Hey, if there’s water on Mars it means they could brew beer, so there could be football there.

So here’s what we think will happen on Sunday:
Rose the Irish Setter: Given the Rams have at best an average offense, to say they will beat the Packers at Lambeau is to say their defense will shut down Aaron Rodgers & Co. with relentless pressure, sacks and interceptions. I don’t see that happening. Packers 28, Rams 13. Why 13? My 13th birthday is coming up and I want that number to stick in Brian’s mind so I get lots of presents.

Kate the Springer Spaniel: I was the winner against all you peoples in predicting the 49ers’ points last week–3. So I’ll stay with Packers 45, Rams 3. The Packers are ready for a blowout win at home. More importantly, I’m so ready to do my touchdown dance at least 6 times. I don’t really have a good field goal dance yet. It looks sorta like Gary Busey on “Dancing with the Stars.” During the game my two-legged companions are doing a book signing of their football novel “Over Time” at a sports bar in our hometown. If the Packers don’t play well, no one will buy the book, so the Packers have to win. It’s just that simple my friends.

They are leaving the TV on for us so we can watch the game while they’re gone. All we have to do is learn how to open the refrigerator and we can have our own game day party. Is this a great season, or what?

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