We had a visitor today

Our little two-legged companion came over yesterday to play with us. We’ve known her since she was a bitty thing and couldn’t even walk yet. She was a crawling-on-all-four-paws companion. Now look at her. I get to sleep with her on the chair next to her bed. That’s ’cause I keep watch all night long. Gotta keep her safe.

She plays with us and brushes us and gives us treats and takes us for walks. I like the treats part the best except for the lovies. No wait I love the lovies the best. She pets me very softly. I like the way her hand feels on my fur.

Kate likes her too. Kate brings her the sprarkly ball to play with. When you throw the sparkly ball it lights up. Kate likes lights. She chases lights and shadows and butterflies and birds.

We can’t wait for our little two-legged companion to come back.

Rose, the Irish setter

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