It’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday and I’ll bark if I want to, bark if I want to, bark if I want to. You’d bark to if it happened to you. So I finally turned 13 and can have my own facebook page but FB decided that only two-legged sentient beings can have a FB page. It’s discrimination against those of us who are sentient and have four legs. There should be a protest or somethin’.

So I had my birthday breakfast which is the same as everyday breakfast except I got sardines on top. I like sardines they’re squishy and I like the way the bones crunch. Then we went for our morning walk. It was a beautiful day the sun was all warm on my fur and there was a light breeze. Oh the smells on that breeze — pulled pork sammiches, popcorn, egg rolls, with just a hint of smoked turkey legs. See the Fountain Hills Art Fair is just about a mile away. I can’t wait to go on Sunday.

I get a party later with presents and stuff. I hope there’s a new ball and maybe some chewie bones. I’ll even give Kate a chewie bone. So Happy Birthday to me.

If you have photos of your four-legged companion having a birthday, please post it here.

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