Packer Pups Prediction: Packers Pound Panthers

Rose and Kate Here: So every week we make our Packer Pups Prediction for the game. This week we really really really want the Packers to win. But we dunno, we dunno, we dunno. See Aaron really misses Jordy. It just took this long for him to find out. I mean, Jones and Cobb and I can’t remember the other guy’s name, that’s how good they’re playing , are doing their best — but we need Jordy and he’s not coming back for a looonnnggg time ’cause of his owie paw.

Our offensive line, yanno the big guys who protect Aaron, are doing okay. You might not think so ’cause Aaron has gotten sacked — I don’t know why they call it sacked , there’s no bags around — anyways, that’s ’cause Aaron has to wait and wait and wait ’cause Jordy’s not there.

The Packers aren’t getting better as the season goes along, I mean, okay, so we’re 6 and 1 (but and it’s a big but, a butt bigger than Rose’s butt) we lost the last game and almost lost to San Diego. If that young pup from Arizona State which is where our two-legged companions went to school, hadn’t intercepted the ball we woulda lost.

The defense took the game off last week, maybe they thought it was still the bye week. They put on the uniforms but didn’t take the field.

We watched the Panthers play last week. It was raining. I like the rain. I like to splash in the puddles and get my two-legged companion, Brian, all wet. And then I shake all over and spray my other two-legged companion, Dee. And then I roll on the bedspread to get all dry. Oh wait, we’re talking predictions. Anyways, the Panthers lost their lead and had to win in overtime. Over Time, that’s the title of the novel Brian and Dee wrote. It’s about the Packers and football and money and love.

So this week’s prediction: we dunno, we dunno, we dunno, but we have our paws crossed for the Packers.

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