Ron on the Roof

We have this nice neighbor Ron who says hello to us every day when we go on our walk and he’s walking his cute little dog Honey. The other day I was looking about the back window and I saw…Ron walking across his roof!

He must be stuck up there! I thought. So I barked and barked for Brian to come and help me get him down. The roof is no place for a two-legged companion. They aren’t as sure-pawed as us four-legged creatures are.

I barked again because Brian didn’t hear me. I wondered how Ron got up there. He’s so nice to me and Rose…I hope he doesn’t fall off. So I barked some more. Brian, where are you?

At our other house we had a deck just off the second story. We all liked to sit out on the deck and enjoy the view. Yanno, it was also a great place for my afternoon nap. There was a low part of the roof connected to the deck. One day I woke up from my nap on the deck and noticed everyone was gone. And the sliding glass door to the house was closed. What could I do! Nothin’ worse than bein’ separated from my pack. I thought maybe they went to the back yard.

Then I got this amazing, spring-y feeling, and I jumped from the deck right onto the roof! For a moment I just stood there, kinda afraid, but proud at jumping that high. Then I heard voices from the back yard. I scrambled up the roof, to the top, then scrambled down the other side to the roof over the patio. It was scary but so, so exciting. I was born to spring like that.

But now what could I do? It was a long drop to the ground. I knew I might get hurt. Then Brian saw me and he got all upset. “Kate, just stay there. I’ll figure out how to help you down.”

I hate it when two-legged companions get all worried about me like that. Dogs live for adventure, what can I say. So I scrambled back up to the top of the roof, then down the other side, then jumped back onto the second story deck.

I went to the glass door and barked. Brian and Dee came rushing out. “Kate,” Dee exclaimed. “You’re all right! And you are in big trouble…”

As I went back inside I thought, “Why am I in trouble? You people are the ones who locked me out on the deck.”

That day I learned bein’ on the roof is not a good thing. So we have to go help Ron get down right now! I kept barking really loud until Brian finally showed up. He pointed to this thingy on the side of Ron’s house. He said it is a “ladder”. Just then Ron started climbing down. In a few seconds, Ron was safely back on the ground.

I still say, the roof is too dangerous for two-legged companions.

Kate, the cute one

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