Schwimming in the Lake!

Today was the bestest, bestest day. See we went for walk around the Fountain Hills lake and guess what? I went SCHWIMMING! Yup. See I was pulling on the leash to go chase the ducks back in the lake. That’s where ducks belong — in the lake. And this time I pulled the collar off the leash.

I was free. So I ran as fast as my paws could go — which is pretty fast and chased the ducks into the lake. But then I jumped in the lake and swam after the ducks. I swam and swam and swam and than swam some more. I wanted to make sure those ducks stayed in the lake.

My two-legged companion, Dee, was yelling “Kate! Kate! Come back!” Not me. I just got my chance to get in the lake so I’m not getting out. Well I wasn’t going to come back but then I saw that Dee was getting ready to go in the lake after me. That’s not a good thing. She doesn’t swim very well. So I turned around and came out.

There aren’t any pictures of me in the lake ’cause Dee left the camera in her purse and the purse on the chair. See we were having a picnic. Who wants to have a picnic when you can chase ducks in the lake and go schwimming?

Kate, the very tired one.

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