Something’s Going On

But I don’t know what it is. Brian and Dee take boxes out of the garage then they take papers out of the boxes. They look at the papers. Sometimes they put the papers in another box and sometimes they rip up the papers and put them in a garbage bag. Doesn’t make sense to me. Why do they keep the papers in the first place if they’re just going to tear them up later?

And then there’s another thing. Dee washed all our toys. I liked the way the toys smelled. Anyways, she washed them and put them in the dryer. Me and Rose have lots of toys. But instead of putting the toys all back in the toy box, she put a bunch of them in a box marked Pal’s Inn. (Note to our readers in case you forgot, if we can write this blog, it means we can read) I remember Pal’s Inn. It’s a place where very nice two-legged companions take care of us dogs and sometimes cats, I’m not exactly sure what a cat is, but Pal’s Inn takes care of them. Sometimes the four-legged companions just stay for the day like me and Rose and sometimes they stay overnight.

Some of the dogs live there all the time ‘cause they don’t have their own two-legged companion to take them home. They’re called rescues — the four-legged companions, not the two-legged companions. In my opinion any two-legged companion who doesn’t have a canine for a friend needs rescuing but that’s another blog. Me and Rose don’t need all those toys so I’m happy they’re going to Pal’s Inn.

The house is getting emptier and emptier of furniture until the only thing left is a mattress and a bunch of boxes. I talked to Rose and she and I both think something’s going on, we just can’t figure out what.

Kate, the confused spaniel

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