Don’t Talk to Me About Arthur-Itis!

I had a check-up at the Vet recently and she said I was in great shape except for a touch of Arthur-Itis in my legs. I don’t know anybodys named Arthur, so how could I have caught this Arthur-Itis? What did I ever do to him?

Maybe I can’t run and jump as much as I used to, but I still am skilled in the 4 basics: eating, snoozing, begging for treats and playing. Problem is, when I get up a little stiffly, my two-legged companions Brian and Dee start to worry about me. I wish I could tell them I’m fine, but I guess that’s what two-legged companions like to do — worry.

Brian and Dee put special pills in my food that they call somethin’ like kan drit em glue cozameen. They really seem to work. I guess the glue part helps hold my muscles together. I can climb stairs just fine like I did 5 years ago. They’ve also tried dog massage therapy on my back legs, the ones I have trouble with sometimes. That feels sooooo good! I usually fall asleep while I get the massage. I dream about running on the beach and then ordering a Margarita at the bar.

Overall, I feel great and get around just fine. I don’t envy the young pups I see at the park scampering all over the place. They have so much to learn. I like being the wise older setter. So, don’t worry about me and this Arthur-It is stuff. It’s no big deal.

Tell ‘ya one thing, I’ll be on the lookout at the dog park for this Arthur guy. If I see him, I’ll sneak up behind and him and bite him in the butt.

By Rose, The Not So Old Irish Setter

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