I told you I wanted to stay in the tent but no …

See, I was taking my early evening nap – did I mention I like naps almost as much as food? Anyways I was lightly snoozing when Dee told me to come sit with her and Brian and Kate by the fire.

I didn’t wanna. Nope. Nope. Nope!. See what Dee didn’t realize is that there was a slithery thing under the picnic table. Yanno, the kind of slithery thing that rattles and then bites you. And it really, really, really hurts. I know ’cause a slithery thing bit me when I was only 2 years old. So I didn’t want to come out, but Dee made me.

The picnic table was only like 4 dog lengths away from the tent. We had to go really close to get to the fire. I was kinda nervous. No, I was very nervous.

Dee went to get a drink on the picnic table and the slithery thing rattled. Well I know what that means so I went straight back to the tent. Dee grabbed Kate and yelled rattlesnake, RATTLESNAKE and took Kate to the tent.

Brian was very brave and sent the slithery thing over the rainbow bridge and then threw the body in the fire. Yanno what? It smelled just like chicken cooking.

Rose, the smart one.

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