Kate Saves the Day!

So anyways, we went camping again last week, up at a beautiful desert place called McDowell Mountain Park. The morning after we got there, Dee was cooking bacon and eggs on the stove by the picnic table. She is a messy cook so I stay close by hoping she will drop some food. I was thinking, “Please, please drop some bacon. I love, love, love bacon!” I even started drooling a little.

While I’m watching for falling bacon or other yummy food, I also guard the camp. And what should I see but a big ol’ RATTLESNAKE slithering out from under a tree! I was on a tether so I couldn’t chase it, but I sounded by loudest warning bark. Then Brian saw it too. It was like five feet from the edge of our tent!

Snakes alive! I thought. This was the second camping trip in a row where a rattlesnake came into our campsite. I could say our camping trips are snakebit, but dogs don’t make dumb jokes like that. And rattlesnakes are no laughing matter. My best buddy Rose the Irish Setter was bitten on the nose by a rattlesnake once and she almost crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I’m lucky to still have her, but I’d never tell her that.

So I forgot all about bacon for the moment and Dee put Rose and me safely in the tent while Brian got the snake away from our camp.

Later, while I was enjoying some bacon that had been dropped, I thought about what I’ve learned so far on our camping trips. First, you have to keep your eyes open at all times because there are things that can hurt you, day or night.

Second, two-legged companions should always take someone like me along to protect them. Dogs were once wolves, yanno. We’ve still got it in us.

Kate, the Brave Springer Spaniel

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