Blue Buffalo? I dunno.

I’ve never seen a blue buffalo or any buffalo. Rose has when she was by herself and I wasn’t part of the pack yet. Anyways I tried this treat called blue Buffalo Health Bar. The package said they were healthy and holestic but I didn’t see no holes.

The Blue Health bars had oatmeal and yogurt and apples and carrots and other stuff. They were yummy in my tummy. And that’s where I wanted those bars … in my tummy.

I like the way the bars crunched. They smelled good too. Like cookies for peoples not like dog treats. Brian my two-legged companion sometimes bakes treats for me and Rose. The Blue Health Bars smelled like those treats. Oh, even if the name is Blue Health Bars the bars aren’t blue.

If you have a four-legged companion you should get some of these bars.

Kate, the cute one.

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