Dogs Are Bed Hogs

As well we should be. Me and Kate get most of the bed. I take the middle and spread out as much as I can. No curled up puppy position for me. I stretch my legs out as far as they will go.

Kate goes towards the bottom of the bed and stretches out her paws the other way from me. That way she can push Dee over to the edge of the bed and I can do the same to Brian. Lots of room for us four-legged companions, not so much for the two-legged companions.

Sometimes if I want a change of position I put my head on Brian’s pillow. He gets a nice surprise when he wakes up and sees my nose right next to his.

When Kate wants a change she likes to sleep on top of Dee’s pillow right on top of Dee’s head. That way Kate can look out the window and keep an eye on things down on the street.

Rose, the Irish setter

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