We Go to Prescott AZ

We have been camping at Lynx Lake. We’re gonna be doing a lot of camping. Instead of just snoozing around the campsite … which is fine with me … Dee and Brian decided to go into Prescott. They can’t leave us by ourselves in the tent. Boy would I howl if they did. So me and Rose went too.

Prescott is funny. It spreads out for miles and miles with many house and peoples, but the part of the city that everybodies go to is “Historic District.”

It was kinda fun. It’s always fun when peoples stop and tell me how cute I am, or ask to pet me.

We walked up and down a street called Whiskey Row. I guess it’s kinda famous or something. I dunno. Anyways. There were lots of shops. We found one for dogs so we went inside and the lady gave us treats and a drink of water.

There was a courthouse with lots of flappy things on poles. The courthouse had a big, big grassy lawn and a big, big list of rules. No camping. Like we’re gonna camp next to a courthouse. No bicycles. No skates. No skateboards. No getting on the nice soft green grass. No dogs on the courthouse steps … go figure that one out. No nothing.

Another funny thing is only a couple of the restaurants had outside patios. Lots and lots of restaurants but hardly any patios. Patios are important. See we sit very quietly … most of the time … on the patio of a restaurant while Dee and Brian eat. We’re not allowed inside the restaurant because of more rules. Do Brian gets lunch and we took it over to a bench by the courthouse. and ate.

I don’t think Prescott likes dogs too much.

Kate, the cute one

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