How to Start a Be-Utiful Day of Camping

Kate the springer spaniel here. Lemme tell ‘ya about the wonderful morning I had a few days ago when we were camping in a forest. Right after sunup I got Brian up to let me out of the tent so I could pee. He put me on this long leash attached to the pick-a-nick table.

While he was making tea, a squirrel had the nerve to run right through our camp, past me. I really wanted to chase that squirrel! I pulled really hard on the leash and something awesome happened. My collar broke off and I was free!

Free! I ran and ran after that squirrel!

It was so fun! Like running free in the dog park but the forest is a bazillion times bigger and doesn’t smell so much like poop. I like the smell of pine trees much better than the smell of poop. I looked back and saw Brian running after me. I was pleased to see him exercising rather than just sitting there drinking tea. He called for me to come back. Not a chance. I kept going as fast as my legs could carry me. I wanted Brian to get in at least a half-mile run before I came back. When I did run back to him, he was so happy to see me. It made me happy, too!

So we all had fun, got some morning exercise, and later Dee bought me a pretty new pink collar. A good morning, that one. ‘Cept I didn’t catch the squirrel. He just looked like a gray rat with a bushy tail anyway. Not sure what I’d do with him if I caught him.

Kate, the Happy Camper. Blogging from Payson, Arizona

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