Kate Goes Schwimming in the Ocean

As you know if you read my blog. I love birds. Chasing them that is. In Arizona where we live, I’ve gone after quail, mockingbirds, duckies–actually, anything that flies I chase. Anyways we drove all the way up to a place called OrryGone on vacation to this awesome beach.

My two-legged companions let me wade into the water on our walks every day, but they were afraid to let me off the leash. They said I would run off and not come back.

But I always come back. They said there might be sharks in the water like the movie “The Shallows” that they saw before we left on our beach vacation. Dee thought the movie was very scary. Brian mostly talked about somebody named Blake Lively that was in the movie. Maybe she played the shark.

Sheesh, I thought. That was Hollywood. It’s all fake. I mean look at that new movie the “Secret Life of Pets”. Dogs are way more thoughtful and complex than the movie shows. The producers should have interviewed me and Rose the Irish Setter when they were makin’ the movie. They coulda won A Cadamee Award or somethin’. I mean, if dogs can blog they can prob’ly write screenplays.

Let me get back to my actual topic. At the OrryGone beach, there were these big clumsy white birds that are called SeeGulls. I think they’re named that because you See ‘em all over the beach. Every morning at first light I saw the SeeGulls cracking open the crabs that had washed up during the night and eating the yummy meat. This was really frustrating. Rose and Me were dreaming of an All U Can Eat Crabfest and by the time we got there, all that was left was shells.

So, one evening I decided I was going to get rid of these SeeGulls so I could enjoy fresh crab for breakfast. When we went down to the beach at sunset, Dee let go of my leash for just a moment–that’s all it takes–I am one fast, fast Springer my friends–and I was sprinting down to the water as fast as I could go.

I chased the SeeGulls away from the shoreline and then dove in after the ones that were hovering above the water. Dee and Brian and Rose came running after me. It felt great when the waves rolled over me–cold, but great. After a few minutes I could see they were worried about me, so I came out of the water. I felt so refreshed…it’s awesome scwimming in the ocean. There’s all these fishy smells. And you feel the power of the waves. I felt kinda small out there. But wait, I am small.

Dee didn’t look too happy with me when I got out. I was soaking wet and noticed how cold the air was getting. I started shivering. Then the humiliation came. We walked up the stairs from the beach to the campground where we were staying. She got her hair dryer and took me into the ladies bathroom to dry me off. Women came in and saw what she was doing and laughed. There was a sign that said “no dogs in the restroom”, but I’m a Dog Who Blogs, not just a dog, so I do believe I was exempt from that silly rule.

I was very, very wet so it took a long time to dry me off. Dee looked irritated–that means pissed–when we got back to the tent. I snuggled under the blanket and tried to not draw attention to myself.

But then Dee and Brian talked about how fun it was to see me schwimming in the ocean. After all, I did come back to them.

I did good.

Kate, the Swift One who LOVES the Beach in OrryGone

Why it’s called OrryGone, a poem by Rose the Irish Setter

The hot weather’s gone…
The thorny cactus is gone…
The sand is gone…

My paws don’t get burned on the pavement…
I can play outside all day…

It could also be called OrryGreen.

Because it is so lovely and green everywhere.
I loved the soft cool sand on the beach in OrryGone.
I loved the shade of the forests.
Why again, Brian and Dee, do we live in the desert?

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