Why I Love Camping, Part I, by Kate

Because campsites have Pic-A-Nic tables that are easy for a springy springer spaniel like me to climb up on and steal stuff. You go from the benches where two-legged companions sit to the place the food is, in no time at all. On our last camping trip, to Cally Fornia, I learned all about this. Cally Fornia is one state over from ArryZonia where we live.

Dang, I wish I had figured this out sooner. We’ve gone on like ten camping trips and I coulda scored lots of good stuff. Anyways, Dee poured herself a glass of wine and set it on the table. She went into the tent for a moment, so I hopped onto the bench, then right onto the table. I lapped up several sips of the wine before she got back and scolded me.

I don’t really like wine, I just like getting into trouble and giving Dee a hard time. I’ve always thought she secretly enjoys that I am a little bit naughty. So I try to make her happy.

I have this face I can make anytime I want, where I look ashamed but inside I’m laughing and promising myself I’ll do it again.

So I did, at our next camp, at a beach in Orrygone, one state up from Cally Fornia. It was really cool! Brian set out the four hot dogs they were going to have for dinner out on a plate on the Pic-A-Nic table. My mouth began to water when I saw those plump, juicy things. The guy in the neighboring campsite came over and invited Brian over for a drink. He hurried over to the guy’s campsite. He likes drinks, I guess. He forgot he left the hot dogs there on the Pic-A-Nic table. First, I made sure Big ‘Ol Rose the Irish Setter was asleep in the tent.

She’s tall enough to reach the table without jumping on the bench, so I had to make sure she didn’t see the yummy hot dogs. She and I are buddies, but not when it comes to food.

Then I made my move. Hop to the bench, hop to the table, grab two of the hot dogs and then eat them before Brian gets back. When he did, he couldn’t even get very mad at me. He knew I was doing what he calls in-stink in dogs. “Natural In-stink” he says. I don’t know why he calls it that, because I smell good.

Anyways, I left two hot dogs for Dee and Brian. I’m a good girl, yanno.

I joined Brian over at the neighbor’s campsite and noticed they left an open bag of potato chips on the ground next to their cooler. I didn’t even have to jump to snag those…

Kate the Happy Camper
Reporting from a beach in someplace called Orrygone.

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