It’s Almost Football Time

So, okay the Olympics are still on but what’s better is it’s almost football time Yanno NFL football. Green Bay Packer football!!!

The Olympics are Okay. I didn’t like schwimming ’cause all you can see is lots of water and some heads. Gymnastics is kinda boring, girls jumping around. Badminton and volleyball is fun to watch. I like the way the ball or that little birdie thingie jumps around. But now it’s time for football.

We got out our Green Bay stuff. I think Me and Rose need new shirts. And maybe some green and gold beads. I know you’re thinking dogs are color blind. Well we’re not. We see what you two-legged companions call red as sorta a dark greyish color. But we can see blue and yellow. If we can see blue and yellow we can see green, cause that’s what green is … blue and yellow all mixed up.

Tonight is an exhibition game. I don’t think it’s fair that they charge the same price for exhibition games as real season games. I mean we’re not gonna see Aaron play much or any of the first string players. That’s a funny name ‘first string players.”

Anyways, it’s not on TV just on the Internet. It’s no fun watching the game on the Internet. You just see a drawing of a football field and these little dots. And then the dots move and that’s supposed to be Jordy — well it won’t be Jordy because he’s first string — or another receiver running down the field.

Oh well, only hafta wait until September 11 until we play those kitty kats. I think they’re called the Jaguars.

Kate, the Packer Pup along with Rose, the other Packer Pup

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