My Favorite Summer

Rose the Irish Setter here. We live in Phoenix, Arizona, which is hot, hot, hot in the summer and into the fall. I never liked summer. We have to go for a walk just after daylight before the pavement gets too hot for me and Kate’s paws. Then we’d just sit in the house the rest of the day. It was cool inside and we have nice couches in the living room but it was very boring. I spent a lot of the day sleeping. I like to go out and play. But it’s even too hot in the back yard in the grass sometimes. And the summer just goes on and on.

Finally, autumn would come and we could do all sorts of fun things outside. Two years ago we even won a Halloween costume contest and got a bunch of cool prizes. Even Kate looked cute…

Fall also means football is here! Me and Kate love to see the Green Bay Packers on TV. We have our own football shirts to wear on game day. I actually watch the games. Kate just runs around and barks like a lunatic when there’s a touchdown. We have lots of fun. But it seems like it takes forever for football season to arrive. Did I mention that it is hot, hot, hot where we live?

But…This summer was completely different from any one before! We got out of the heat and traveled all over the place! We went to these nice parks with trees and slept in a tent and felt the cool breezes all night. We went for long walks where me and Kate could explore. Through the woods. To lakes. To rivers. Even to the ocean! Twice! Which was my favorite because the waves felt so good and the sand was soft under my paws.

It’s not like Brian and Dee didn’t try to find fun things for us to do in other summers. One year they bought a little pool for me and Kate to swim in. But this compared to swimming in the ocean??? C’mon.

We met lots of fun two-legged companions this summer on our travels. They paid lots of attention to me. I think because I’m a beautiful Irish Setter and you don’t see many of us where we live. I like all the attention, but Kate gets jealous. Not my problem, Kate. What can I say…I was just born beautiful.

When we first started camping this year, I had trouble getting around. I had a big owie in my hips. One day I even tried to stay behind in the tent instead of going hiking with everyone else. The vet said I was getting something called arthur-itis. But Brian and Dee found these pills for me to take that really helped me. Something called gluecoseemeen and candriden. Anyways, I got better and better. By the time we got to the beach in Oregon, I was able to run again! Not as fast as I could when I was a pup, but Brian and Dee were so happy to see me having fun scampering in and out of the surf. It makes me happy to entertain them. We Irish Setters are natural entertainers.

So, even though it is still hot in Phoenix, it doesn’t bother me so much this summer. I just keep an eye out for Dee and Brian packing the tent and cooler into the SUV. That means–ROAD TRIP!

And it won’t be long until the seasons change and the heat goes away. One winter, we even had snow fall in our backyard. That was too extreme for me. My paws almost froze playing in it.

That day, I was thinking: I miss the summertime!

By the way, they published this picture in our local newspaper, prob’ly because I was in it. Told ya that people think I’m beautiful.

Rose, the Redheaded Road Warrior, Keeping Cool in Phoenix

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