We have a friend, her name is Sophia

Anyways, she reads our blog, so me and Rose wanted to say Hi to Sophia.


She goes to middle school. I dunno what middle school is. Like it’s in the middle of the street? Or they only have middle teachers? Or maybe it’s because it’s in the middle of elementary school and high school. That must be it.

See dogs don’t go to school, well we go to training classes when Dee, makes us, but not school. We walk by the school and see all the short two-legged companions running around and yelling and screaming and playing and having fun and then the grownups make the shorter two-legged companions go inside the school and do other stuff. I hope that other stuff is fun too.

Sophia said she likes our blog. Of course she does, who wouldn’t like a blog written by me and Rose. Just a grumpy person that’s all. Oh, Sophia you were selling cupcakes and Dee brought us one home. It was yummy. Thank you

Kate, the cute one

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