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Yeast Belongs in Bread and Beer But …

Not on my back. See in the summer when its hot and humid I get allergies. And part of the allergies is these yeastie things that itch and itch and itch. I get them on my back but sometimes on … Continue reading

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Packer Pup Predictions – Packers Chase Jaguars Out of the Stadium

Well, that’s what i would do, Grab their tails, bite them in the butt and then chase them right out of their own stadium. Yup. That’s what I do with cats. Don’t like ‘em much. The Packers are going to … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

Yanno, I never asked for a little sister. And yet I got Kate. It’s been awhile. Like 12 years since she came to join our pack. See, it was just me and Brian and Dee and I kinda liked it … Continue reading

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I Was So Embarrassed – TWICE!

Kate the Springer Spaniel here. I try really, really hard to be a good girl all the time. Ask anyone. Even my sister big ol’ Rose the Irish Setter knows that I really try to do the right thing, whatever … Continue reading

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Packer Pups Don’t Like Preseason

Nope, nope, nope we don’t like preseason. First of all it don’t mean nuthin’ except to those players who will probably get cut. So if you’re 4-0 in preseason so what? It doesn’t mean you’re going to have a winning … Continue reading

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