I Was So Embarrassed – TWICE!

Kate the Springer Spaniel here. I try really, really hard to be a good girl all the time. Ask anyone. Even my sister big ol’ Rose the Irish Setter knows that I really try to do the right thing, whatever Dee and Brian (mainly Dee, I sometimes blow off Brian) ask me. Unless there’s a squirrel or bird to chase–then I’m not always able to listen. A proud member of the Sporting Group, like me, has to do what she was bred to do.

But last week was not a good one for me. First, I barfed in the house and then I peed inside the tent when we went camping the next day. I felt so bad. Here’s what happened…

I'm a Good Girl...

So anyways, the day before we left for our camping trip, we were staying with some friends. Brian and Dee left me and Rose by ourselves in the house to buy food for the trip. I think I must have eaten some weird stuff on our walk that morning. This time of years these seed pods from mesquite trees fall onto the sidewalks. They taste kinda sweet, and me and Rose have a contest to see who can gobble up the most pods on our walk. Dee has tried forever to tell us not to do that, but besting Rose at any game is too much fun. She’s way bigger than me and loves to boss me around. I’m younger and faster, though.

Later that morning, I was sitting there on the living room carpet when I got a strange feeling in my tummy. Sorta gurgling. Then it started to feel really weird–churning. I didn’t know what to do. There wasn’t anyone to let me outside to the yard. I started to feel worse and worse. And then…oh no…I felt my food coming up and out my throat, and onto the carpet. I barfed it all out…such a relief!

That’s the difference between dog and humans. When Brian has a tummy ache, he sits on the sofa and looks in pain. He takes some kind of pills sometimes and just waits for it to get better. Dogs have better ways of dealing with tummy upset. We just puke out whatever is making our tummy angry and painful. And then off we go to the next food adventure.

I don't feel so well...

Then I thought to myself, “Kate, you are in big trouble.” Suppose the people who live here really like their carpet and don’t want it messed up. I couldn’t explain to them that I could smell that their own dogs have peed all over the place, so it’s not like their carpet is fabulous or something. I hoped no one would be mad at me, though.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. The nice lady who lives at the house came downstairs and cleaned up the mess before Brian and Dee got home. I didn’t even get scolded. Dee only gave me a half portion for dinner that night, though, which sucked. She said since I didn’t feel well, I didn’t need to eat too much. I was so frustrated with that. When will she learn that I had gotten rid of the bad stuff in my stomach! My tummy was empty and ready to be filled! Sheesh. Two-legged companions are so clueless sometimes.

So the next day we pack the car and drive for a long, long time until we got to a place with lots of trees. Brian and Dee set up the tent and got everything ready for us to stay at the campsite. They were really tired when they were done. It was very hot at home in Phoenix that morning and packing the car in the hot driveway wore them out, I think.

We went to bed early, after our walk in the woods where I got the chance to pee and poop. Normally we go out again a few hours later, because it’s hard for me to hold it in for such a long time until morning comes. That second chance to pee is the one where I feel great relief. But this time they fell asleep and me and Rose never got our last walk. I woke up a few times and it was still dark. I’m a Good Girl and I’d rather do anything than mess up the tent. But I thought I was going to burst! I tried to wake up Brian by scratching him lightly on the hand while he was sleeping. Finally, he began to stir. I danced around with joy! Relief was just a few seconds away.

But then he took forever to put on his shoes and unzip the tent. Too late, my friend. You gotta move a little faster than that.

Uh oh. I felt wetness on my back paws and saw a liquid running across the tent floor and under the mattress. I had peed in the tent! I felt really, really bad. This was worse than barfing in the friends’ house because I got Dee’s shoes and socks all wet, the tent floor, part of the blanket and the mattress. Dee and Brian had to get up and take the mattress outside, then scrub the tent floor with soap. Not the way they wanted to start their day, but there was nothing I could do.

Gotta tell ya, after I went out into the woods and finished peeing, I felt so much better. I almost forgot I was in big trouble. I haven’t peed inside since I was a little pup. The tent sloped toward the bed, so the pee spread everywhere. What a mess!

But, to my surprise, they weren’t mad at me at all. They were mad at themselves for not taking me out for that last walk in the evening. Every once in a while these two-legged companions show a lot of smarts. Not as smart as us canines, but pretty good. My embarrassment went away. I was a happy camper again.

That night, we went on not one, not two, but three walks after dinner.

Now, that’s more like it. Anyways, the tent floor needed a good scrubbing, prob’ly.

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