Packer Pup Predictions – Packers Chase Jaguars Out of the Stadium

Well, that’s what i would do, Grab their tails, bite them in the butt and then chase them right out of their own stadium. Yup. That’s what I do with cats. Don’t like ‘em much. The Packers are going to win this Sunday. I don’t care what anybody says. Some pundits, that’s another word for somebody who thinks they know everything but don’t know nuthin’, say that the heat and humidity are a big problem for the Packers. Hey you ever been to Wisconsin during the summer? Talk about heat and humidity.

I predict the Packers win 24 to 3. Rose says it’ll be closer 27 to 17. So there you have it. Our first Packer Pup Prediction. What do you think.

Kate, one of the Packer Pups.

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