Packer Pups Don’t Like Preseason

Nope, nope, nope we don’t like preseason. First of all it don’t mean nuthin’ except to those players who will probably get cut. So if you’re 4-0 in preseason so what? It doesn’t mean you’re going to have a winning season during regular season.

Second it means there’s 4 extra games for players to get hurt. Like Teddy Bridgewater the QB got hurt and won’t play for the Viqueens for awhile. Course that’s a good thing for the Packers. But what if one of our players got hurt? That’s not a good thing. Remember how we missed Jordy last year?

I don’t think it’s fair that the fans have to pay the same price to see a preseason game as a regular season game. And it’s hot still, really hot in some places. The fans have to sit there and sweat.

So I kept my paws crossed for all four of the exhibition games that nobody got hurt.

While you’re waiting for the real season to start you might want to read our book. Yup Rose and me wrote a book. Rose and Kate Unleashed: Observations, Advice and Humor from Two Very Opinionated Dogs.” We’re the opinionated dogs. It’s got Green Bay Packer Football in it.

Kate, the Packer Pup

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