Throwback Thursday

Yanno, I never asked for a little sister. And yet I got Kate. It’s been awhile. Like 12 years since she came to join our pack. See, it was just me and Brian and Dee and I kinda liked it that way. At first I didn’t know what to do with Kate. I mean she was really really little. And feisty. She growled at me when we first met which made me laugh. I’m this big Irish setter girl and here she is this little bitty English springer spaniel pup and she growls at me.

That didn’t last long … the growling. As soon as she learned I liked to play that’s what we did. I had to be gentle with her at least in the beginning. It was a different story when she got almost all grown up. Then we chased each other around the house and out into the yard.

Kate would pull on my ears when she was little ’cause she couldn’t reach any higher I wonder if that’s the reason I never got those long silky ears most Irish setter have. It doesn’t matter. Those long ears just get in your food and water bowl anyway.

Me and Kate are good friends now. She’s still feisty and after all this time still tries to steal my dinner. She doesn’t pull my ears, but every once in a while, she grabs my collar and tries to pull me around.

It’s nice to have a buddy like Kate.

Rose, the Irish setter

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