Yeast Belongs in Bread and Beer But …

Not on my back. See in the summer when its hot and humid I get allergies. And part of the allergies is these yeastie things that itch and itch and itch.

I get them on my back but sometimes on my tummy too. So I do what any four-legged companion would do. I lick, and lick and lick. Sometimes it works and sometimes the yeasties go away. And sometimes it doesn’t, when that happens, Dee sprays the yeasties with apple cider vinegar.

It kills the yeasties and it tastes good so I try to lick it. Then Dee scolds me. She says I have to let the vinegar do it work. I try but it’s hard not to lick. Then I have to wear a shirt.

Don’t worry, cause it’s almost fall. The weather should be cooler and the yeasties go away. I looked at the calndar and fall is only 2 day away.


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